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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
- Plutarch


Classical Kids Events

CT Homeschool Network Conference - Manchester
DATE(S): Sep 6, 2014
LOCATION: See description for location information.
AGES: All ages
DESCRIPTION: Location: Manchester Community College, Great Path (that's the street name), Manchester, CT 06040

CHN and Manchester Community College are co-sponsoring the 2014 Homeschool Conference!

The conference will have exhibitors, workshops, etc. Classical Kids founder, Diane Speed, will be speaking on how to homeschool using the classical approach and on homeschooling high school and college admissions. There will be other speakers and workshops on other homeschooling methods and issues.

Pre-register for the conference until August 31st. After that date, registration will be at-the-door only.

See weblink below for more information.

WEB SITE: http://cthomeschoolnetwork.org/home-schooling/conference/
COST: See weblink
POSTED: by Diane Speed on Aug 23, 2014

Classical Kids Forum - Bethel
New location!
DATE(S): Sep 22, 2014
TIME(S): 3:30-5:15
LOCATION: The Speed Residence at 15 Long Meadow Lane in Bethel, CT
AGES: All ages
DESCRIPTION: For more than a decade, Classical Kids has organized this monthly gathering that allows students of all ages to present some of the subjects they study at home. This forum is a time for kids to share their insights and inspire each other. Children are invited to share any of their ongoing work; for example, a child may recite a poem, share a book report and illustration, or share something interesting about a history subject. Children studying music are welcome to bring their instruments to play.

Student presentation running time suggestions:

  • Children Pre-K-K: 2 minutes
  • Children Grades 1-6: 6 minutes
  • Children Grades 7-12: 12 minutes

Each Forum will include one presentation that is 15 minutes in length. A presentation with this duration must be reserved in advance. Children of any age are eligible for such a time slot, but only once per child per school year, please. To reserve such a slot for your child, please contact Diane Speed at email address below.

This fall, the Kids Forums will be held in a smaller space, so seating is limited. We're holding the Forum in a classroom in the cottage on the Speed's property.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

The Classical Kids homeschool group welcomes all homeschoolers regardless of race, creed, or religion.

For tips and suggestions of how to best prepare your child for a presentation at the Kids Forum, see document: Preparing Your Child for the Kids Forum, in the CK Publications area of the library. The link is listed below.

This Classical Kids - Bethel event appears in Kids Activities & Athletics of the Classical Kids website. It also appears in the Classical Kids event listings.

WEB SITE: http://www.classicalkids.net/library_list.cfm?CAT=18
RSVP: Contact Diane Speed via email: dspeed@salientcomm.com
COST: Free
POSTED: by Diane Speed on Jul 31, 2014

Virtual Support Meeting - Homeschooling Through High School
DATE(S): Oct 1, 2014
TIME(S): 7:00 PM est; chat opens 6:50
LOCATION: See description for location information.
AGES: 21 and older
DESCRIPTION: On August 21 my husband and I hosted a virtual homeschool support meeting. It was a wonderful, positive gathering of homeschoolers from across the country who shared information and offered suggestions. Everyone shared honestly and that created a positive, supportive tenor to the evening. Our aim with these discussions is to share ideas  stimulate one another's imaginations about how we manage ourselves and our students  and all without ever trying to dictate any one approach to homeschooling. Everyone's contributions seemed very much in that spirit.

You are invited to take part in the next one! Come join the conversation. <

  • Use link below to register.
  • Be sure to use the discount code FREE (waives all charges).

    Brought to you by HS College Bound - an educational resource for homeschooling parents of teens.

    Feel free to share the invitation.

    Space is limited so we ask that you enroll only if you plan to take part.
    Thank you!

  • WEB SITE: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/2320094140033465857
    COST: Free
    POSTED: by Diane Speed on Aug 22, 2014