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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
- Plutarch

Tools for Parents

Scope & Sequence, Assessments & Testing

Assessment Resources
A variety of assessment resouces in math, reading, learning styles as well as general assessments and grading rubrics.

WEB LINK: http://www.oklahomahomeschool.com/assesstest.html#assess

Common Core State Standards
The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state-led initiative to create one set of clear and consistent educational standards for grades K-12 that states can voluntarily adopt.

The standards cover two main areas:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects

    This site lists the that have been agreed upon.

    WEB LINK: http://www.corestandards.org/the-standards

  • Core Knowledge Sequence
    By E. D. Hirsch

    E.D. Hirsch, author of What Your First-Grader (Second-Grader, Third-Grader, etc.) Needs to Know, has made available a good scope-and-sequence tool. The Core Knowledge Sequence outlines what every child needs to know in Language Arts, American and World History, Geography, Visual Arts, Music, Math, and Science, Preschool - Grade 8, according to Hirsch's organization, Core Knowledge.

    WEB LINK: http://books.coreknowledge.org/home.php?cat=314

    CT State Academic Standards
    The Curriculum Content Area Standards come from the Connecticut Department of Education. You may also search other states for their educational standards.

    WEB LINK: http://www.educationworld.com/standards/state/ct/index.shtml

    Reading Level Assessment
    Two easy-to-use reading assessments on this site.

    WEB LINK: HTTP://www.gomilpitas.com/homeschooling/articles/060899.htm

    SAT and ACT Preparation DVD/CD-ROM package
    By HSLDA

    HSLDA, in cooperation with a special program sponsored by NFL players, is excited to offer SAT and ACT Preparation DVD/CD-ROM packages that retail for $199.95. Each package costs just $13.84 - the cost of shipping and handling! Order online at site below.

    WEB LINK: HTTP://www.hslda.org/tour/satprep.asp

    SAT Essay Prep
    A great site created by a CA Teacher of the Year. The right hand side of the site has tips and how-tos on preparing and writing a good SAT essay.

    WEB LINK: http://www.alanlawrencesitomer.com/resources/freesatessayprep/

    Scope & Sequence
    By CT Homeschool Network

    Scope and Sequence, aka "What does my child need to learn when?" This site lists useful links to listings of scope and sequence by grade and by state. It also has info on the Common Core and its controversy.

    WEB LINK: http://cthomeschoolnetwork.org/home-schooling/scope-sequence/

    Scope and Sequence for Classical Homeschooling
    Provided by Classical Christian Homeschooling

    WEB LINK: HTTP://www.classical-homeschooling.org/curriculum/scope.html

    Standardized Testing
    By Seton

    Order tests that you administer yourself and then mail them in.

    WEB LINK: http://www.setontesting.com

    Tested: Why Standardized Tests Don't Make Sense
    By Allison Morris of Accredited Online Colleges dot com

    An eye-opening graphic showing the cost of standardized testing and the lack of meaning of the tests themselves.

    From the introduction to the graphic:
    America is considered the single most tested nation on the globe, with students of all ages engaging in more rigorous and demanding standardized tests each year. While some advocate for the continued presence of standardized testing in our educational system, more students, parents, and educators are beginning to press for the eradication of standardized tests all together. American students are certainly taking a great deal of these one-size-fits-all, fill in the bubble assessments, but statistics don't show that the tests are helping. Compared to other nations, American students are seriously underperforming in school, and this lack of success has raised the question, are standardized tests actually helping educators know how to teach, or are these tests just wasting valuable time? With students of all ages being expected to fit into a single mold for measuring knowledge, it's hard to imagine that standardized tests can actually help educators assess different students' needs.

    WEB LINK: http://www.accreditedonlinecolleges.com/blog/2012/standardized-testing/

    The Homeschool Advantage in SAT Tests
    By Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

    This brief article explains the basic format of the SAT and how it is scored, cites a few resources for studying for the SAT, and includes sample tests for both the SAT and ACT.

    WEB LINK: http://www.thehomescholar.com/sat-tests.php

    Total Tutor 360
    This company is offering a free online academic evaluation to determine weaknesses in Language Arts or Math.
  • After the evaluation, the company produces a report to target specific weak strands within Core Subjects.
  • They offer a custom online curriculum for the student.

    They offer a 3-month enrollment option to help with summer slide and/or fill in the holes from the last school year. They also offer a 12 month enrollment, which they describe as the best value. They note that all information you submit is kept private; "we will never share your information with anyone."

    WEB LINK: HTTP://www.totaltutor360.com

  • World BookTypical Course of Study
    By World Book

    Scope and sequence by grade, K-12.

    WEB LINK: http://www.worldbook.com/typical-course-of-study?wbredirect=1&Itemid=216


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